MCAHIC Teacher Appreciation Campaign

Show your appreciation for a job well done!

Is there a special D/HOH teacher or staff member who has made a difference in the life of your child?  MCAHIC would like to recognize these truly wonderful professionals by continuing a fundraising campaign to support D/HOH teachers and staff.

MCAHIC provides small grants for the professional development of D/HOH staff who attend workshops and courses designed to address the specific educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children.  While the D/HOH program has some funding for this purpose, the need always exceeds the available funds.  MCAHIC professional development grants help to meet the demand.

A wonderful way to recognize the outstanding D/HOH teacher or staff member in your child’s life would be a contribution to this fund.  MCAHIC will acknowledge your gift with a handwritten note to your honoree informing him or her of your tribute.

If you would like to participate in this on-going campaign, then please click
here to download the form and mail it to MCAHIC. 


Thanks for your support!