MCAHIC History 1959 - 1971

Click here to view a citation from the Governor of Maryland in honor of MCAHIC's 55th Anniversary!

Click here to view a proclamation from the Montgomery County Executive in honor of MCAHIC's 55th Anniversary!

Long before EAHCA, IDEA (1990 & 2004), and FAPE, a group of parents and educators in Montgomery County came together in May 1959 to formally organize and educate themselves on the needs of their hearing-impaired children.


Through the years since, The United States has passed legislation decreasing the need for constant advocacy to support disabled students. Consequently, MCAHIC shifted its focus from being largely a parent-teacher advocacy group for deaf and hard-of-hearing (d/hoh) children to serving as a resource for parents and teachers. MCAHIC provides support, ideas, camaraderie, and social gatherings for families.  The MCAHIC board raises funds for disadvantaged d/hoh children needing hearing aid repairs, batteries, and ear molds, and it sponsors programs and activities that keep our children engaged and challenged to become fully-involved members of society. 


The late Lucille S. Rattner, charter member and a past-president of what was then the Montgomery County Association for Language Handicapped Children, compiled a detailed and interesting paper on the history of the organization from its beginnings through 1971. To read the paper, click here.

MCAHIC Presidents 1959 - Current



1959    Sydney Rattner

1962    Doris Gust

1964    Kay Power

1966    Sara Gordon

1967    Lee Katz

1968    Lucille Rattner

1969    Carolyn Carron

1970    Mary Ann Locke

1971     John Knuble

1973    John Pride

1976    Thomas and Bonnie Boswell

1978    Art and Liz Fleetwood

1979    John and Sallie Pride

1980    Leona O'Reilly

1981    Carole McIndoe

1982    Sarina Roffe

1984    Bill Brach

1987    Dennis Kelly

1988    Wendy Houck

1991     Mary Cutting

1994    Kristine Ramaekers

1997    Lisa Barksdale

1998    Joan Miller and Susie Sorrells

2001    Mike Sorrells

2006   Eileen Patterson

2009   Carrie Shershanovich

2012    Carolyn Terry